My Goal

Establish Bakery with Breakfast Options

I found art passion within bakery desserts and I love to express myself through vibrant colors, elegant design, and of course flavor. Using as much natural colors and flavors as I can through fruit purees and my own scratch cake mixes; even producing my own vanilla extract. I continued to grow as a home baker and shared samples with co-workers, friends, community – it soon became more. Started to get orders for birthdays and even weddings allow me to expand my talent and test new ways to bake and decorate.

The 3rd year of home baking and providing for my local community – my ambition has not been kept secret. Started to promote on Facebook and donate to local charities such as Open Door Coffeehouse and Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse. Then many cities asked for me to open a shop since they really love my flavors and design style; keeping this as a home baker business was not an option anymore so my husband is supported me/is as a home baker this last year and now we signed a lease for a storefront.

The location is 311 E Lake Street in the historic downtown area of Horicon, Wisconsin located on a main destination connected to highway 33 and 28; due to this it gets high traffic exposure. Also near my location is banking, food/drink taverns, post office, public library, and many businesses and factories.

I have started to fine tune a menu and now with a commercial space be providing a mix of America, Thai, and Japan style breakfast, brunch, and lunch; sweet and savory. This will offset any seasonally changes with bakery orders. The space will seat about 20 people for dine-in and I expect most orders would be pick-up or delivery.

Service Timeline:

– Bakery Items; available at open
This is the foundation of the business. We focus on what made us famous and build from there the rest to make us succeed.

– Cold Case Items; offered within 3 months of open
These will be sandwiches, salads, and wraps which will be easy to add within the daily baking routine. They will cater to our clients that need a healthy breakfast or lunch that are on a schedule.

– Hot Foods; offered within 3-6 months of open
This will start the Breakfast – Lunch menu and most likely will bring us to hiring new staff to better serve our community.

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Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse

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